Mitch Behan here guys with 3 common mistakes many make when using Daily Affirmations

Affirmations can be incredibly powerful. They can help you achieve amazing things in life. It's anticipated millions of people use some form of affirmations even if they don't know they're doing it. However, many practice affirmations and never see results from their efforts and quit.

Often they're not using them correctly or have never been formally trained or received professional advice from a coach or counselor.

I've got a few common mistakes here you may want to use to adjust the method used when practicing your daily affirmations.

Expecting immediate results and give up too soon.

They're not something you do once, and if you don't get a response, you quit. They're a way of life, a practice. Like golf or yoga. You'll spend your entire life practicing the art of... Affirmations are just the same. So keep at them. There will come a day you realize that you will never be able to live without them.

Mix em up each day

I'd start an affirmation swipe file on your computer or device. Break them down into categories. Areas of life. Here are seven you may wish to use.

Mental, physical, spiritual, vocational, financial, social, familial.

As you collect them, add them to the appropriate area of life and that way, when your day is heading in a specific direction, negative or positive, you can easily have at hand the most powerful affirmations that are aligned with your energy and situation in that moment.

If your mind calls bullshit, then the affirmation is overly positive.

Using overly positive affirmations or highly charged ones are not helpful. You will know which ones these are because when you say them to yourself, you’ll hear that other inside voice, (we all have)  call bullshit! Or, your version of BS. We've all experienced this and that’s usually your intuition trying to wake you up to the fact that it’s not an affirmation for you. Maybe someone else. So be sure to collect affirmations that are not lopsided or don't feel congruent with you, your character, personality, and your current emotional state.

All the best.

If you'd like more help, head over to the Dorothy and The Dealer by Mitch Behan you'll find plenty of amazing tidbits there for you.

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