Mitch J Behan Reviews The Top 3 Seminars

Come and learn how to master your mind, create a more stable relationship around money, wealth, and those you love. Mitch J Behan has developed a comprehensive range of empowerment seminars. Here’s a brief look at just three.

Relationships and You

If you want to break out of negative cycles and start living your life the way you want, our Relationship & You seminar is where all of our clients begin their journey. It’s a three day live intensive seminar that gets you started with the mindset to make many this possible. More on Relationships and You

Letting It Go

Letting It Go Seminar is another Mitch J Behan success story. Thousands of individuals have graduated from LIT and used the principles to take their life to a new level. More on Letting It Go

Student, Teacher, Prophet

Mitch J Behan spends seven days guiding you through a journey that integrates the teaching and learnings from all three seminars. Relationships You and Letting It Go. More on Student, Teacher, Prophet

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