Mitch J Behan... who?

Hey, Mitch J Behan here. I'm an Australian-based author, educator, and high-performance coach. For the past 18 years, I've been the CEO and lead educator at MJB Seminars. A family-run and operated business with my wife, Angela.

I love helping entrepreneurs, especially those in their startup or rapid scaling phase. If you're genuinely committed to improving yourself, your business and lifestyle, then at some stage you're going to need a coach to help you punch through that proverbial glass ceiling. That's where I step into the picture.

I've been coaching on high-performance, life and money matters for as long as I can remember. Although, the seminars I'm most proud of is one I created years back called Master Mind & Money. While is sounds like it's all about money, and the mind of course, it's actually a full blown nutz to bultz financial framework. It's also where 100% of my coaching clients begin their journey of expanding their self and net worth.

The financial principles I share in these few days are rules governed by the Universe. Yep. You can leave me out of this one. But if you take the teachings, apply them, somehow the Universe rewards those that do the work. 100% of the time. Not a % of 100. A full hundred! Now clearly I'm not God so I can't speak for the Universe and why it does what it does and why it works, but I can show you the how part. It's worked for over 7000 of my students and I bet it'd work for you too. Give that some thought and when you're done thinking, hit me up and we'll get your money matters heading in a whole new direction. Up!

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